“Eveline is a convinced and passionate reader. Convinced about the positive working of the ‘product’ and passionate in sharing her unconditional love for you as a human being and for the world as a whole. Reaching a true state of happiness and feeling of well-being is what she wishes for and that describes the atmosphere during a reading with her. She is well prepared and gives her whole self during a reading. I’m a more earthly than spiritual person, and I felt sort of lifted by her enthusiasm during my reading.” (Anonymous)

“Eveline is a powerful and enthusiastic channel who lovingly  guides you to more alignment with your Soul. The Soul Profile reading has definitely made a huge impact on my life. I have received more clarity, more direction as to my Soul’s purpose and it helped me to reawaken my soul creativity. I now know better who I am and I am heading towards more joy. I am able  to reconnect with my desires better than before and received the push to finish my book and show it to the world.”
( Lucas)

“This is an amazing experience, I am so thankful for this unvaluable gift I have gotten, it has totally touched my soul and given me clarity and confirmation of many aspects of myself and my life. I super recommend it and would like people who is in the path of getting to know yourself better and deeper to take the reading.”Again, THANKS A LOT! (Johana)


“I am very grateful I had the privilege of being guided and reconnected to my soul essence by Eveline. She is an extraordinary woman who showed me the path to re-encounter myself from the purity of my creation. She helped me to understand and to heal many aspects of my life. She taught me to be an empowered woman without hesitation. And believe in all my potentiality that has been given to me.
The best part of my soul reading was the trascendental awakening of my intuition in connection with the Divine Source.
Thank you Eveline because my life totally got into an alignment with my soul purpose.” Love Isabel

” Eveline heeft met haar zielenblauwdruk upgrade voor mij weer nieuwe deuren geopend. Ze werkt krachtig met een verfijnde energie. Een aantal weken verder merk ik op dat ik op een ander niveau zit en werk, meer gegrond met lichtkracht. Net wat ik nodig had.” (Tessa)

  “De reading van Eveline heeft twijfels bij mij weggenomen en begrijp ik waarom ik doe zoals ik doe en kan ik mezelf beter accepteren. Het heeft me diep geraakt wat ze vertelde, dit maakt dat ik liefdevoller en zachter voor mezelf kan zijn. Nu begrijp ik ook waarom ik moeite heb met aarden en veel prikkels mij zo moe maken.De liefdevolle energie van Eveline maakt dat je je meteen thuis voelt bij haar. Ik vond het buitengewoon interessant.
Dank je wel Eveline. ( Annemieke)