Dear Spirit led Entrepreneur, Is this You?

  • You have suffered from a burnout, a divorce or loss of a job and are feeling lost
  • You struggle with self worth issues, and trusting Spirit
  • You own a spirit led business but it has stagnated
  • You are not fulfilled with your present job and want to align with your higher purpose.
  • You know deep inside that you want to create something new but do not know how or what?

If you answered Yes ! to any of the questions, then this is the program for you!

Details of the Program

Soul flow is a Soul realignment program based on the 5 R’s ( Revelation, Release, Reconnection, Rebirth, and Realignment.)The idea is to to join me on a 6 week journey in which we work on a holistic level combining the mind, body and spirit, so that you reconnect with your authentic Self and create a soul aligned business. When we suffer from a life changing event such as a burnout or a divorce and do not transmute the pain, we lose our unique voice, our power. This program will help to connect to your pain, so you can start creating a life from love instead of pain and one of alignment which is the key to joy and success.

The 5 R’s are composed of the following steps:

Step 1 : Revelation-  In this step we will dive deep down into your soul blueprint and I will offer you a divine soul profile reading in which your soul purpose and your gifts will be revealed to you as well as the illusions you have created for yourself.

Step 2  : Release-  In this step we release mental blocks and self limiting beliefs that are preventing you from becoming your loving authentic and empowered Self. These can vary from self worth issues, to trust issues.

Step 3 : Reconnection- In this step we reconnect with the heart so that the mind and heart can be in alignment and you are able to rediscover your Selflove.

Step 4 : Rebirth- We explore which type of business is most suited to you and look at how you can lead with your talents to create a soul aligned business .

Step 5 : Realignment-  In this step I upgrade your soul blueprint to its most utmost level.This entails a huge energetic clearing of all blocks, beliefs, and restores your soul blueprint to the point where your Soul first split from source or the point where your decision took you out of alignment with your Soul. Once completed, you will have regained more power, more clarity and more joy. And have a better sense of how you want to express your gifts in your business.

How will the Soul flow program help you?

The program will help to:

  • Discover your Authentic Voice to create a soul aligned business.
  • Align with your gifts and talents
  • Create more focus and clarity as to who you are and what your purpose is on earth
  • Align your soul blueprint with your business ,setting you up for success and abundance
  • Reconnect you with your Intuition

The Soul flow program applies amongst other tools: the Soul purpose system, aligned coaching, ancient healing methods and inner child techniques and the use of flower remedies.

You will receive:

  • 6 x 60 minute sessions involving tailor-made coaching
  • A recording of your 90 minute divine soul profile reading
  • A very powerful soul blueprint upgrade which will activate your blueprint to the highest level for you
  • A workbook with assignments
  • a powerful flower remedy to support you

Booking details

This program is by application only.