Soul blueprint upgrade

A Soul blueprint upgrade can be seen as a very powerful healing and clearing process in which all of  the 22 creation codes are activated including the gifts and talents. “It can be seen as a reprogramming  and restoring of  your soul blueprint to the point where  your Soul first split from Source or to the point where you made choices that caused you to get out of alignment with your Soul’s essence.”( taken from Ariella Indigo’s Oracle course)

This is an extremely powerful and very deep healing  process working on a cellular level. The result of the upgrade is  the following : the clearing of  Karma, the transformation of shadow programs., the healing of  all imbalances with the chakras and the body,  the balancing of  polarity themes, the balancing of masculine and feminine energy, Lastly but certainly not least, the reconnection with your  intuition.

All of your 22 Creation codes get activated to the highes and most positive level which gives you an energetic boost and a renewed sense of joy and purpose. Clients have experienced the following:   renewed confidence, a deep feeling of joy due to a heightened connection with their soul, more creativity,  more power and focus,  a sense of lightness as if a huge burden has been lifted.  As well as the disappearance of prior fears relating to self expression and being seen.

A Soul blueprint upgrade costs 222 Euros.