Meet Eveline

I am a Dutch Oracle, a soul alignment coach and heartcentred wayshower who teaches female high frequency entrepreneurs to reconnect with their Divine loving Self through alignment of the Soul, in order to create empowered and joyful lives. My mission is to awaken and activate higher consciousness to create empowerment and spread unconditional love.

I believe that the more aligned we all become with our soul, the more aligned we become with our true essence, which is love, and the more we live from our fullest potential. When love is in our hearts, there is no room for fear, and we are not at war with ourselves. While fear makes us shrink and feel worthless, creating doubt and lack consciousness, love allows us to expand, creating abundance and trust.  Living from love and loving unconditionally to me is the prime focus of higher consciousness.

I have been through my dark night of the soul in order to become a more loving and authentic being, and I am still learning. Life teaches you to go deeper in yourself when you are willing to listen to its call, so that you can uncover your shadow programming and realign with who you really are.  Growing up with emotionally absent parents, I felt like an emotional orphan and sought for love and approval outside of myself.  Living abroad and being uprooted from a stable foundation time and time again as an Expat did not contribute to feeling safe and loved either.  It resulted in a fair share of heartbreaks, unsuitable jobs and partners as I looked for love and stability in the wrong places.

I had yet to learn that the key to happiness lies within yourself.  I had to travel a long road in order to reach this point and allow myself to be me. Years of conditioning and conformity had placed me in a bind I was not aware of.  It was not until I had reached a point in my life where I felt I had it all, the house, the partner, and  the great job, that Spirit knocked on my door, and life as I knew it came to an abrupt halt. My first marriage fell apart, soon thereafter I got a burnout. Luckily, help is always there when you ask for it, and so I started to travel the path of awakening by following the advice of a spiritual mentor and enrolled in my first of many awakening courses. Slowly I started to reconnect with my  suppressed emotions and took ownership of my life instead of playing the victim.  I allowed myself to connect with my pain, something I had been good at stifling, so as not be overwhelmed by it.  When we feel pain, it is easier to stifle it than to surrender to it.  I am sure some of you can relate to this. Thus the path of healing began and led to another marriage, another divorce, but more importantly, led to finding me, i.e. my true self.

Currently, I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands as a single mom of a beautiful son and am teaching the gospel I have been learning all my life: namely that we are meant to shine and step into our power by being our authentic selves and sharing our divine gifts with the world.

It has taken some time for the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place, and it was not until Spirit caused me to cross paths with Ariella Indigo, the English masterteacher behind the incredibly illuminating soul purpose system, that my mission and my gifts as an Oracle and soul alignment coach became clear to me. The Soul Purpose system has been so empowering for me because it has put me on my track of deeper alignment and joy.  I have learned that true alignment with your soul creates empowerment and a sense of fulfillment.

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