My Free Gift

Turbulence, chaos and uncertainty seem to define our reality now as all of of us are individually and collectively dealing with Covid-19. We are all experiencing a massive ascension shift towards a higher vibration of love which creates lots of change. Such global shifts can make you feel fearful, disoriented and even disillusioned as we are asked to let go of people, work, and relationships that do not serve our highest good.
Whilst this process can bring a lot of pain and grief, a deep release is needed before something new can be born.

How can we return to Center and a place of Joy ?

Alignment is the keyword here. The Soul Purpose system will uncover your gifts and pull you into alignment. Since I discovered my own soul profile, my life has changed incredibly. Joy, clarity,fulfillment and abundance are now daily components of my life and this is something YOU can have as well!


By booking a free 20 minute divine soul profile reading session with me. In this session, I apply an ancient, sacred numerological system called the Soul purpose system which decodes your birthname into creation codes. These creation codes are found in your DNA and are responsible for creating your reality.

This Reading will:

  • Explore the talents and gifts your Soul has given you so you can start creating a life that flows.
  • Illuminate your path for you and explain the reasons for the challenges you have experienced in your life.
  • Empower you to take charge of your Life.