Divine Soul Profile readings

  • Are you in need of direction?
  • Are you wanting to know why you are here?
  • Do you want to be of Service with your gifts and talents but feel stuck?
  • Do you want to create a soul aligned business?

As an Oracle, I channel the deeper meaning of your coding through an ancient system called the Soul Purpose system. The Soul Purpose system dates back to a sacred numerological system found in Atlantean times and is based on the 22 Fireletters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Each Fireletter is related to a creation code found in your DNA. It is these codes that are responsible for shaping your reality.Your divine soul profile will clearly show you what your talents are and your soul purpose as well as the shadow that is preventing you from activating both. Knowing what your talents are and what your soul purpose is liberating and empowering. Once you know what you are meant to do here on earth, you can start leading with your talents which will automatically lead to more joy and flow in your life.The pieces of the puzzle will slowly fall into place and you will come to a deeper understanding why you are living the life you are living now and how you can change it so that you are living a life in alignment with your Soul.

How can You benefit from a Divine Soul Profile reading?

A Divine Soul Profile reading puts you back on track to aligning with your Soul. It will illuminate the journey you have been and put everything into a bigger perspective.The reading will bring into your consciousness, the person who you are in your core: strong, joyful, confident, empowered and intuitive.

You will discover:

  • Your talents and gifts that your Soul has given you
  • The reason behind the challenges you have encountered on your journey and how to transmute them
  • How to align with your Soul and create a more joyful and abundant life for yourself
  • Where you are in your Ascension journey which will help to understand your present challenges and experiences.
  • What your Energy Source is
  • Your Soul Cycle year

This is an in-depth and complete intuitive reading lasting for 90 minutes. In order for you to deepen your understanding about your soul profile, you will be given a complimentary recording of the session.


“I am very grateful I had the privilege of being guided and reconnected to my soul essence by Eveline. She is an extraordinary woman who showed me the path to re-encounter myself from the purity of my creation. She helped me to understand and to heal many aspects of my life. She taught me to be an empowered woman without hesitation. And believe in all my potentiality that has been given to me.
The best part of my soul reading was the trascendental awakening of my intuition in connection with the Divine Source.
Thank you Eveline because my life totally got into an alignment with my soul purpose.”( Isabel)

“This is an amazing experience, I am so thankful for this valuable gift I have gotten, it has totally touched my soul and given me clarity and confirmation of many aspects of myself and my life. I super recommend it and would like people who is in the path of getting to know yourself better and deeper to take the reading.”Again, THANKS A LOT! (Johana)

Booking Details

This reading costs 200 Euros and can be offered in Dutch and in English.

Are you ready to create a soul aligned life and business?