My Approach

The divine soul profile readings I offer can be seen as a starting point of your journey to reconnect with your Authentic loving Self and your passion. These readings illuminate the current path you are on and clarify as to the how and why you have been experiencing challenges in your life but also your gifts and talents and more importantly your Soul’s  Purpose. Knowing who you are and what your purpose is, is  truly empowering and can help you shift out of powerlessness to empowerment. More importantly, knowing who you are in your Core and what your mission is, are the foundations upon which you can create a soul aligned business.

I feel called to serve  lightworker women who just like me, have experienced a burnout, a divorce or any other life impacting change. I serve these women by letting them believe in themselves again, to give them hope and  to find their Self love so that they can be of service with their gifts and talents to the world.

Life changing events can throw our lives off course. We feel pain, sadness, disillusionment and it can feel very dark. We ask questions as to why me? or what did I do wrong? why is my life not working? It is in times like these, that we get to dig deeper and uncover our lack of Selflove, and often a deep belief of not being good enough. Pain is something we prefer not to connect to but this is the path to healing and shifting your life.

Once we allow ourselves to reconnect with our pain, we can begin to heal and shift from being a victim of life to one of being a creator of one’s life. This deeper healing is at the core of my Soul flow business program – a soul realignment program built to rediscover your Authentic Voice, so that you can express yourself authentically in your soul aligned business.